About fever and common cold – Just keep things simple


The climate of Dhaka is very unstable at the moment. At times, the weather is extremely exhausting while at other times, it’s quite wet due to rainfall. Dhaka’s pollution and dense population have already put a question mark over its hygienic status and now, this sort of weather makes Dhaka’s hygienic status quite critical. Such sort of weather gives rise to various health problems and among many, fever and common cold are a common phenomenon and at the moment, many of the residents of Dhaka are suffering from such a health problem.

Whenever, a patient of this country suffers from common cold and fever, he or she immediately starts taking antibiotics without the advice of a physician or they do such according to the advice of a medical-shopkeeper. Such a practice is very bad as because, this common cold and fever happens mostly due to a viral infection and in such cases, antibiotics have no role to play. By practicing such, the majority of the patients of Dhaka and outside Dhaka is  inviting a fatal problem: Antibiotic resistance.

If a patient keeps on taking antibiotics, according to their whims, they are sure to develop antibiotic resistance and there might come a time when, his or her body might not be responsive to any antibiotics in the near future.

If you are suffering from a common cold and fever then, just go for a symptomatic treatment:

1. For fever take antipyretics like paracetamol.
2. For running nose and cough, take suitable antihistamines according to the advice of your physician.

3. Drink more warm water and lemon juice.

4. Take enough rest and don’t forget to keep a napkin or tissue paper so that you can use it while sneezing and avoid the spreading of respiratory droplets which is contagious in nature.

5. Consult with your physician.
You can prevent fever, and the common cold by yourself as well:
1. Avoid drinking ice-cold water and soft drinks in hot climates.

2. Avoid smoking.

3. Avoid taking a bath while you are still sweating.

4. Avoid dust and pollution as much as you can.

5. Clean your room regularly to keep it free from dusts. 

6. Spend less time in air-conditioned room. You can switch on the AC when it’s needed. Otherwise, don’t spend too much time there as Legionella infections occur from air-conditioners.
Always consult with your physician about any health problems and make sure your physician is registered medical practitioner. Avoid treating yourself and listening to what a medical-shopkeeper says.

Thank You

Faisal Caesar




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